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Who we are

Blackett is a brand of Alchemy Wines, Port Wines & Vineyards, a company that aims to pay homage to the history and to Port Wine itself, by producing and bottling the best nectars, which will survive and grow throughout successive generations.

Our Wines are produced in the oldest demarcated region in the world, the Douro, where only the hand of Man, the strengh of the Nature and the power of Time, allowed us to bring together a set of very unique and distinctive characteristics.

The Hand of Man

Blackett Port Wine was founded in 2013 but the history goes back much further.

In fact, we share the path of those Winegrowers, with a long experience in producing Wines for the Large Port Wine Companies located in Vila Nova de Gaia.

In 1986, once the obligation for wines to pass through Gaia had ended, the possibility of producing wines exclusively from Durienses, which were also aged in the Demarcated Region, arose.

At Blackett, we seek to value the work of these men and women from the Douro, who work tirelessly from the vineyard to the glass.

Blackett - A Mao do Homem
Blackett - Xisto

The Strength of Terroir

Blackett Port Wine was born in the Douro, the oldest Protected Denomination of Origin in the World, highlighted as one of the wonders of the wine world and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,


In the Douro, as a result of human stubbornness, mountain viticulture was born.

Through Terraces and "Patamares", more than 100 indigenous varieties are planted and cultivated in mostly schist soils.

Old Vines are highly respected and idolized for their resistance to the extreme conditions of the region.

The Power of Time

Did you know that Port Wine can age for more than 1 century in barrels?

Time also leaves its mark on the wood, some of which are centuries old, where the aging of our Port wine harmonizes in a unique way, giving our ports authenticity, exclusivity and rarity.

Blackett, a forgotten name, found in the history of Port Wine, a journey lost in the trajectory of time, but a sure example of Authenticity.

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