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The Vineyards

Where it all starts: Douro

The Douro is known for its vast diversity of micro-climates: diverse exposures and slopes, extremely variable levels of precipitation, very high temperature ranges, all of this making the production much more challenging. However, we see this diversity as a strength as it offers an infinite number of possibilities!

Blackett - Quinta da Brunheda

Quinta da Brunheda

Quinta da Brunheda is characterized by the conditions of the Douro Superior Region, subjected to very harsh winters and summers with extreme temperatures. In its more than 50 hectares of vineyard, we find around 70% of Red and 30% of white varieties.

Quinta da Mata de Cima

Located in Cima Corgo, Quinta da Mata was immediately integrated into the first demarcation of "Feitoria" in 1756. This sub-region is known for its relative balance as, although subjected to extreme temperatures in summer, this is compensated by a satisfactory level of precipitation for the region. In total, there are 20 hectares of vineyards made up exclusively of red grape varieties.

Blackett - Quinta da Mata
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